Reasons To Consider A Business Jet Rental Service |

CEOs of large corporations travel from one place to another on a regular basis, especially if they have offices in different parts of the country. They may need to fly from New York to Los Angeles for a meeting and back on the same day because they need to rush to another presentation. For this reason, it is important that they have a means of transport available.

Yes, commercial flights are also available, however, busybodies such as businessmen can’t afford to risk not being able to make it to a meeting because of a delayed flight. Such occurrences can cost their companies a lot of money. The most convenient solution to a frequent business traveler is to have their own personal jet provided by the company. However, with businesses shutting down almost every day, not a lot of companies are willing to invest in their own private fleet of business jets. The best solution for companies that are looking to cut back on their spending is a business jet rental service.

With a business jet rental service, company CEOs and senior officers can travel from one place to another at any time of the day without having to worry about rushing to the airport to catch their flight. Furthermore, they don’t need to worry about having to deal with the ruckus caused by other passengers on the flight, thus giving them time to work during the flight.

Nowadays, it isn’t just the higher-ups of a particular company that are required to travel from one place to another. A business jet rental service can offer the logistics for employees that need to travel to another state or country for conferences, seminars, and other activities. When you rent a jet for your company, you no longer need to worry about the costs of maintenance and fuel charges because this is all already included in your rental agreement.

Your business jet rental agreement can last for a day to even a year, depending on your needs. However, you should read the terms of your agreement carefully before signing the contract, that you won’t end up paying more than what you bargained for. It is important that maintenance costs are covered in your contract with the rental company because these can get pretty steep.

You can make use of the internet to search for a list of jet rental companies in your state. Most rental companies that offer a business jet rental service have a section on their website where you can ask for a free quotation. To make sure you are getting a good deal on your rental, compare rates from different charter companies before making your decision.

Three Ways to Get Fat During Business Travel |

Business Travel is much different than pleasure travel for many reasons, including that for those of us that do it, it’s a regular occurrence. Instead of a one or two week splurge a year, it’s on going. Maybe you can do whatever you want, eat whatever you want, etc. for a week or two but you shouldn’t during business travel as you will get fat. Here are three things that will get you fat during travel.

1) Hey, you are traveling, so eat what ever you want. There is probably no kitchen or pantry handy, so you’d better fill up so you don’t get hungry later. Breakfast buffets are fast and convenient, and can be a couple thousand calories especially if you love bacon, eggs, and sausage. Have hearty lunch as dinner may be late. And at dinner, do not forget dessert. Hey, it’s probably paid for by the company and free, right?

2) Business travel is not as wonderful as people think as you have no time to do much of anything. Often it’s meeting all day and night. You can let any exercise or activity go. Most all hotels have an exercise room, perhaps a pool too, and often maps of nearby running routes, but you’ll probably skip those. It’s so easy when travel to do no exercise at all. On a night off, instead of hitting the exercise room or taking a walk, why not just sit at the bar? Which takes us to number 3.

3) Alcohol has calories and drinking a few every night can really pack on the weight. But it’s so easy to drink when traveling. At dinner every night we are asked if we want a drink, and then another and another etc. We may be having dining meetings where everyone is drinking, where wine is served, and we probably can’t even walk to elevator to get to our room without walking by an inviting lobby bar. And the bar may have free appetizers right after work making it more tempting!

I travel for business, sometimes a lot, and I’m a big guy. I try not to get fat during travel, although I may relax a bit from my normal food, drink, and activity regiment. I try to eat somewhat healthily, knowing it won’t be the same as home. Some exercise is essential and I aim for once a week on the road and often make 3 or 4 times. And I try to moderate drinking, although I do drink more than when at home. You do not have to get fat when traveling, but it is easy!

New Business Consultants – Complete File Management System |

Business Consultants will find their desk and office overwhelming within a very short time if they don’t establish a filing system as early as possible. If your like most coach’s, consultants, marketers, experts and even authors your likely not an expert on office systems management.

In order to assist you to overcome this challenge I have created a list of files you could use to start your filing system.

1. Deposits – here you will file deposit slip receipts.
2. Bank Statements – these are usually mailed to you, but you have to go online and print off a copy form your bank account.
3. Travel Receipts – any business travel receipts you collect should end up here.
4. Credit Line – at some point you may need a line of credit if so, keep the information separated form other banking.
5. Stubs/Voided Checks – this should be self-explanatory – don’t through them away.
6. Equipment Purchases – keep all documents regarding new purchases in here.
7. Credit Card – this is IMPORTANT don’t treat these records like you do your electric bill, the interest can kill your business.
8. Cell Phone – keep notes of the contract dates, plans, upgrade dates etc.
9. Auto Expenses – make it a habit to keep track of all your traveling and expenses even if there not business related. Just make a notation if they are related to your business. Most IMPT is to just develop the habit of recording travel and costs.
10. Dues/Subscriptions – just keep notes on the bills, due dates.
11. Labor – outsourced labor – this is an important file because over time your going to work with dozens of contract laborers.
12. Office Expenses – staplers, folders, paper, printer ink.
13. Online Expenses – web page, email management provider, online memberships.
14. Postage/Shipping – this may not appear important right now, but as you create products you will need to record your expenses for this service.
15. Professional Development – we all need this, there’s college classes, online classes, magazines, newsletters.
16. Accounting – there are even expenses associated with keeping track of the system you use to track your money.
17. Legal – this may also seem not very important at first, but sooner or later you’ll want to register a trade mark, incorporate or even legally deal with a non payer.
18. Rent – if applicable, track every single receipt and a copy of your lease.
19. Repairs/Maintenance – track your expenses incurred when replacing light bulbs, fixing the sink and even when changing the air filters in your heating and air conditioning unit.
20. Telephone – keep every phone bill you get, especially when paying for long distance plans, with overseas calls.
21. Writings – save a copy of all of your professional writings, every eBook and report.
22. Projects – keep notes on every project your working on, detailed and up to date.

These are just the basic list you will need to create and use daily, don’t wait until you need it, create it today.